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Palm Oil Action Australia | April 18, 2021

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News Articles, November 2012

News Articles, November 2012

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of November 2012. Highlights include French rejecting important tax ruling, positive side effects of palm oil extraction, PETA offers bounty and global companies getting in on the action.

28/11/2012 The (other) oil industry greenwashes de-forestation in Indonesia | Seattle Globalist
27/11/2012 Awang Tengah rubbishes allegation of deforestation – BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo
24/11/2012 French national assembly rejects palm oil tax hike
24/11/2012 Waste plant materials remaining from palm oil extraction processes can now be converted into a useful sugar
23/11/2012 RAN Responds to Leaked Palm Oil Statement by Cargill | Rainforest Action Network
23/11/2012 Fashion and Beauty: Cleaning up with ethical soap – Lifestyle – Huddersfield Examiner
23/11/2012 Ivomas awarded sustainable certification | The Jakarta Post
14/11/2012 A recipe for palm oil that doesn’t cost the earth | Greenpeace International
14/11/2012 ‘Nutella Tax’ Could Raise Price Of Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread In France – The Huffington Post
14/11/2012 Various incentives for oil palm smallholders to raise output – BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo
14/11/2012 French Senator Proposes a ‘Nutella Tax’ | PRI’s The World
14/11/2012 PETA offers reward over killing of 3 elephants in Indonesia | Fox News Latino
10/11/2012 New, free tools aim to make palm oil more sustainable |
10/11/2012 EU must ensure biofuel producers in Indonesia respect land rights | Rahmawati Retno Winarni | Global development |
5/11/2012 Alarmingly High Rate of Disputes Reported Between Oil Palm Firms, Locals | The Jakarta Globe
4/11/2012 Unilever and Walmart aim to transform sustainable palm oil supply
4/11/2012 Sustainability in a Global Context: Falling Global Deforestation and GHG Emissions | The Oil Palm
4/11/2012 Palm oil production should warrant MU boycott – The Maneater
4/11/2012 ‘Longhouse folk illegally harvest oil palm fruits’ – BorneoPost Online | Borneo , Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo
4/11/2012 Palm oil plantations fuel deforestation and forest rights violations – The Economic Times on Mobile
3/11/2012 Asian Palm Oil Companies Run Into Trouble in Africa
2/11/2012 Palm oil: a green push | beyondbrics
2/11/2012 Switch to Sustainable Palm Oil Just a Matter of Time, Industry Figures Say | The Jakarta Globe
2/11/2012 Greenpeace Scorecard on Palm Oil Producers | Greenpeace International
2/11/2012 Orangutan rescue: Dramatic images of seven Sumatran apes saved as bulldozers move in to clear their home for an oil plantation | Mail Online
2/11/2012 Experts fault French firms’ position on palm oil industry
2/11/2012 UK to lead way on sustainable palm oil – Defra News
2/11/2012 NewPage Supports WRI’s Launch of New Forest Mapping Tools – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee
2/11/2012 Usage of green technology in palm oil mills the ‘in’ thing – BorneoPost Online | Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo
2/11/2012 Palm oil is coming home to Africa
2/11/2012 Palm Oil Worker Badly Hurt in Borneo Orangutan Attack | The Jakarta Globe
2/11/2012 Big job ahead for sustainable palm oil group |
2/11/2012 2 New Tools Can Cut Deforestation and Support Sustainable Palm Oil in Indonesia | WRI Insights
2/11/2012 UK sustainable palm oil statement ‘not really a commitment’: RSPO
2/11/2012 Industries Make Sustainable Palm Oil Pledge · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader
2/11/2012 UK sustainable palm oil targets are too weak, say retailers
2/11/2012 Unilever Cuts Palm Oil Use in Food Products; Overall Consumption Steady | Fox Business