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Palm Oil Action Australia | October 16, 2021

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News Articles, April 2013

News Articles, April 2013

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of April 2013. Highlights include companies looking to make ethical Easter products, the palm oil killing fields, RSPO news and shareholders held accountable.

30/04/2013 Greenpeace: Palm oil roundtable misses chances, fails environment
30/04/2013 Communities explore alternatives to industrial palm oil development | Palm Watch – Africa
30/04/2013 RSPO aims to boost uptake to over 50pc
30/04/2013 Top Ten Countries with Highest Deforestation |
30/04/2013 Orangutans – Victims of ‘sustainable’ palm oil in Indonesia
29/04/2013 India’s palm oil demand destroying Indonesia’s rainforests?
29/04/2013 WWF – Revised palm oil standards a positive step forward – but companies now need to perform at the highest level
29/04/2013 Palm oil under pressure | News | Eco-Business – Asia’s Cleantech & Sustainable Business Community
23/04/2013 Lack of Economic Freedom Standing in the Way of Halting Indonesia’s Forestry Woes | The Jakarta Globe
23/04/2013 Indonesian palm oil giant clearing peat forest despite its RSPO membership, alleges Greenpeace
23/04/2013 Indonesia to limit size of new oil palm estates
19/04/2013 Indonesia to Continue The Moratorium of Primary and Peat Forest Conversion
19/04/2013 Palm oil biodiversity ‘can be saved’ >> News in Science (ABC Science)
19/04/2013 Why action on forests now is essential to all our futures | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional
19/04/2013 Australia backs research into sustainable palm oil | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
19/04/2013 Global Sustainability Forum Tells Indonesian Paper Giant: End Deforestation or Else | Common Dreams
19/04/2013 Kroger To Source 100% Of Palm Oil From Sustainable Sources — CINCINNATI, April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/
19/04/2013 Oil palm growing threatens Buggala Island forest cover
19/04/2013 Orangutans — Victims of ‘sustainable’ palm oil in Indonesia
19/04/2013 Indonesian palm oil industry would support land swaps to protect forest, while expanding production
19/04/2013 Spotlight on palm oil meeting – The Nation
11/04/2013 Neste Oil joins TFT and pledges against deforestion | Bdaily Business News
11/04/2013 Nestle releases deforestation guides for commodity sourcing
11/04/2013 Google Technology to Help Prevent Deforestation – Environmental Management & Energy News – Environmental Leader
11/04/2013 Increased Palm Fruit Oil Demand Killing Orangutans – All Pet News
10/04/2013 PHOTOS: Orangutans rescued from a bulldozed forest in Indonesia – Daily News
09/04/2013 Pictured: Pregnant orangutan clinging to the last remaining forest tree after bulldozers clear jungle to make way for oil plantation | Mail Online
09/04/2013 EXCLUSIVE: APP responds to allegations of ‘irresponsible’ deforestation policy
09/04/2013 House to endorse controversial deforestation bill | The Jakarta Post
09/04/2013 How to avoid unsustainable palm oil products | Asia News – Politics, Media, Education | Asian Correspondent
05/04/2013 A question of shareholder responsibility
05/04/2013 APP denies breaking logging promise after WWF allegations
05/04/2013 Biodiesel Magazine |
05/04/2013 WWF Lobs Deforestation Charges, Asia Pulp & Paper Fights Back – Environmental Management & Energy News – Environmental Leader
05/04/2013 Just say no — really loudly — to palm oil | Glenda Bartosh on Food | Pique Newsmagazine | Whistler, CANADA
05/04/2013 World News Australia | SBS
05/04/2013 Choose the right Easter egg and save the rainforest | News | Birdwatch Magazine
05/04/2013 Enviromentalists hot and cross at Woolworths over palm oil | Food Magazine
05/04/2013 | News | Waitrose commits to 100% sustainable palm oil by year end
05/04/2013 ‘Ethical’ Easter eggs? Check the palm oil content
05/04/2013 Ben Fogle accused over Sarawak environmental propaganda
05/04/2013 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs putting gorillas and elephants at risk – Birmingham Mail
05/04/2013 A question of shareholder responsibility | The Jakarta Post
05/04/2013 APP covers up Sumatran forests damage: NGO | The Jakarta Post
05/04/2013 Improving the rigor of measuring emissions from deforestation, agriculture
05/04/2013 RSPO seeks adoption of revised principles and criteria
03/04/2013 WWF – Not much protected and no commitment to restoration in APP forest promises
03/04/2013 RSPO disputes Rainforest Foundation palm oil food guide