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Palm Oil Action Australia | March 1, 2021

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News Articles, August 2013

Palm Oil Action - Rescue

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of August 2013. Highlights include discussion about the effectiveness of the RSPO, Indonesian Government helping or hindering, US Corporations getting involved and good news for baby Orangutans.

30/08/2013 Call for questions: How can the RSPO improve the credibility of certified sustainable palm oil?
30/08/2013 Sky News: Xenophon to try again on labelling laws
30/08/2013 Fires In Indonesia: NASA Satellite Image Exposes Palm Oil Companies’ “Illegal Slash-And-Burn Practice – International Science Times
30/08/2013 Indonesia confident on APEC green listing for palm oil which would boost exports | Reuters
30/08/2013 Rickina, Baby Orangutan, Will Make You Squeal With Joy (VIDEO)
28/08/2013 Unmask Palm Oil wants clearer food labeling – Latest Political News – Keep up with Newstalk ZB
29/08/2013 How Starbucks Can Save Orangutans TODAY – News Watch
28/08/2013 Companies exploit loophole in PNG logging ban – Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
28/08/2013 Impact of Indonesian slash-and-burn fires seen in satellite photo
28/08/2013 Indonesian Government Develops Palm Oil Based Biodiesel to Curb Oil Import
28/08/2013 Logging, Palm Oil Plantations, and Indonesia’s Summer Of Smoke | Latest News | Earth Island Journal | Earth Island Institute
26/08/2013 Maori Party support Unmask Palm Oil campaign |
26/08/2013 Univanich begins RSPO palm oil exports | Bangkok Post: business
26/08/2013 Consumer groups slam greenwashing in sustainable palm oil marketing – News Watch
26/08/2013 BIt’s Not All Bad: Americans and Palm Oil – News Watch
23/08/2013 Activists call for crackdown on orangutan owners | The Jakarta Post
23/08/2013 BBC News – Illegal palm oil developments force monkeys to down tools
23/08/2013 Palm oil licenses provide cover for logging in New Guinea
20/08/2013 Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry Rife With Human-Rights Abuses – Businessweek
20/08/2013 Melbourne Zoo marks World Orang-utan Day
19/08/2013 Adorable Baby Orangutans Find A Forever Home On World Orangutan Day
07/08/2013 Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry Rife With Human-Rights Abuses – Businessweek
02/08/2013 Protesters to hand-deliver petition to Kellogg Co. about Wilmar over palm-oil trading practices |