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Palm Oil Action Australia | June 24, 2021

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News Articles, September 2013

Group of Orangutans in Borneo

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of October 2013. Highlights include a lot of online talk, but action is lacking, Greenpeace getting publicly involved and variety of celebrities lending a hand to the palm oil awareness campaigns.

24/09/2013 Villagers occupy govt office in Indonesia Borneo in protest against palm oil land grab
24/09/2013 European journalists learn how oil palm plantations are run – Nation | The Star Online
24/09/2013 Responsible palm oil use campaign | Confectionery Production
24/09/2013 The haze: What governments must do, and what they can’t – Simon Tay and Chua Chin Wei –
24/09/2013 India’s edible oil imports, including palm oil, set to surge – Business News | The Star Online
24/09/2013 Robert Hii: Palm Oil in American Stores Sending the Sumatran Rhino Into Extinction
23/09/2013 BERNAMA – Mysterious Deaths Of Orangutans Being Investigated
23/09/2013 Malaysia Aims to Nearly Double Palm Oil Market Share in Russia – Global AgInvesting
23/09/2013 What’s in a Name? Why the RSPO’s Definition of “Sustainable” Falls Short – The Equation
23/09/2013 Development threatens Borneo wildlife – Al Jazeera Blogs
23/09/2013 Americans up in arms against palm oil global warming
23/09/2013 Reality series investigates decline of rainforests | Business Standard
23/09/2013 The Politics Of Palm Oil
23/09/2013 5 ways to stop food companies from profiting off a devastating ingredient –
23/09/2013 Malaysia keeps palm oil export tax unchanged to spur shipments | Money | The Malay Mail Online
23/09/2013 Groups continue palm oil campaign against Kellogg | Battle Creek Enquirer |
19/09/2013 Professor discovers apes can categorize species through testing
17/09/2013 Frying performance of a sunflower/palm oil blend in comparison with pure palm oil | Raffaele Sacchi –
17/09/2013 America’s Top Snack Food Brands Named and Shamed in a Bid to Save Orangutans | One Green Planet
17/09/2013 Environmental advocates, dietitians leery of palm oil – SFGate
17/09/2013 Global palm oil meeting in Medan | The Jakarta Post
17/09/2013 Sensient develops palm-free colors
17/09/2013 Group works to build local pressure on Kellogg for Wilmar ties | Battle Creek Enquirer |
17/09/2013 Govt develops ecotourism in Derawan, Tanjung Puting | The Jakarta Post
17/09/2013 Rainforest Action Network to PepsiCo, General Mills: Stop killing orangutans –
17/09/2013 New Campaign Aims To Remove “Conflict Palm Oil” from America’s Snack Foods – Press Release – Digital Journal
17/09/2013 Activists target major snack makers over ‘conflict’ palm oil
17/09/2013 Yesterday’s EU biofuels vote bad news for orangutans | Matt Adam Williams
16/09/2013 Sumatra’s Vivid Red Orangutans in their Final Redoubts – Within Earshot of Whining Chainsaws | Mike Arkus
14/09/2013 Private sector can’t handle haze alone, says ASEAN panel
12/09/2013 Indonesian villagers sue president over climate change
12/09/2013 Barriers for palm oil export to be addressed at next TPP meeting
12/09/2013 Can Indonesia increase palm oil output without destroying its forest?
12/09/2013 Two ways to value sustainable palm oil
11/09/2013 Biofuels policy faces critical European vote
11/09/2013 In Palm Oil’s Wake: an interview with Robert Hii
11/09/2013 Europe importing more palm oil for biofuels, raising risks for rainforrests – Rhett Butler,
11/09/2013 Malaysia’s Drive to Oust Illegal Migrants Worries Smaller Planters
11/09/2013 Why you should care about Sumatra’s rainforest
11/09/2013 Large-scale opposition among Borneo villagers to deforestation – Rhett A. Butler,
11/09/2013 ‘Emotional’ Harrison Ford lectures Indonesian official about deforestation
11/09/2013 Stop Global Warming and Save Endangered Wildlife as You Shop
11/09/2013 Full house at ‘sexy’ Tropical Peatland and Oil Palm 2013 workshop
11/09/2013 Satellite reveals ‘hidden’ 1000-ha oil palm plantation in Amazon rainforest in Peru
11/09/2013 Palm Reserves Climbing as Production Expands for Sixth Month
11/09/2013 Malaysia to launch palm oil certification scheme to compete with RSPO
11/09/2013 High-yield palm oil won’t be enough to halt deforestation
11/09/2013 Eco-tourism is struggling as palm-oil logging threatens Sumatra’s heartland, writes Michael Bachelard
06/09/2013 High-yield palm oil won’t be enough to halt deforestation
06/09/2013 Hunt’s direct action on rainforest could reap carbon rewards
06/09/2013 Palm oil sector – largest driver of deforestation in Indonesia: Greenpeace
06/09/2013 Indonesia should convert logging concessions to protected areas to stop deforestation for plantations, argues study
04/09/2013 It says it’s sustainable, but the palm oil industry is still destroying the rainforest
04/09/2013 Malaysia to start green palm oil brand by next year to help bolster demand
04/09/2013 Palm oil now biggest cause of deforestation in Indonesia
04/09/2013 Palm oil producers responsible for forest loss in Indonesia: Greenpeace
04/09/2013 Skincare companies under scrutiny over palm oil use
02/09/2013 Illegal slash-and-burn fires are causing smog problem in Indonesia
02/09/2013 Indonesia With Malaysia to Support Palm Prices by More Biodiesel
02/09/2013 Specter of More Fires Looms in Indonesia

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