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Palm Oil Action Australia | April 18, 2021

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New campaign targeting Aldi: Spend a little and lose a lot at Aldi?

POA Aldi campaign

The Palm Oil Action Group is concerned with the detrimental effects of oil palm plantations in South East Asia, and campaigns for proper labelling of palm oil and palm oil derivatives on products and the use of 100% segregated Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) or better in Australia. The Palm Oil Action Group is currently the only group in Australia physically campaigning in a direct action way – that is, on the streets, making noise, taking action.

Our current campaign targets Aldi Australia. We want Aldi to commit to a responsible palm oil policy, that being labelling of palm oil and palm oil derivatives on all products and physically using 100% segregated CSPO in their products. You can find out more about the campaign, why we are targeting Aldi and how to get involved here.

Here is a snippet of our Byron Bay direct Action so you can see what we are doing.

Palm Oil Action also updates the public on palm oil information. You can like us onFacebook page for Palm Oil Action to follow updates on the palm oil situation or email us if you have questions.

If you like what we do, and you like our campaign, please consider donating to keep us going – any donation, even just $5, helps us continue. You can donate through PayPal.

Thank You.
Anasuya Claff
Australian Coordinator, Palm Oil Action Group

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