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Palm Oil Action Australia | January 25, 2021

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News Articles, November 2013

Palm oil fruits

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of November 2013. Highlights include Greenpeace getting involved in RSPO talks,  more Indonesian protests, how palm oil is killing off flora and fauna, along with enslaving workers and how the big companies are handling the demand for palm oil.

26/11/2013 Palm oil in confectionery: Greenpeaces talks RSPO sidestepping
26/11/2013 Palm Oil in Indonesia | Greenpeace International
26/11/2013 Sustaining the palm oil industry – Business News | The Star Online
26/11/2013 Biofuels International – Industry News
26/11/2013 How Food With Palm Oil is Wiping Out Orangutans and Enslaving Workers | EcoWatch
26/11/2013 Case study: The little palm oil processor that pushed the boundaries
26/11/2013 Palm oil giant to forgo development of New Guinea rainforest
26/11/2013 Deforestation accelerates in Indonesia, finds Google forest map
26/11/2013 ‘Zero net deforestation’ goals may harm natural forest – experts
26/11/2013 Ban on Trans Fats Could Accelerate Deforestation
19/11/2013 HSBC loans drive deforestation and push orangutans to the brink – News – The Ecologist
19/11/2013 Coles v Woolworths: palm oil scorecard reveals markedly different rankings
15/11/2013 Sierra Leone: Jail time for protest against palm oil
6/11/2013 Palm oil company protested by students – The Michigan Daily
3/11/2013 Conflict Palm Oil Case Study – Cargill and Snack Food 20 At Risk! – Rainforest Action Network Blog
3/11/2013 Palm Oil Supplies in Indonesia Seen Disrupted by Prolonged Rains – Bloomberg
3/11/2013 Saving The Orphaned Orangutans Of Malaysia – All News Is Global
3/11/2013 Economy in brief: Initiative launched to unify palm oil certification | The Jakarta Post
1/11/2013 Children help take local action towards global results | The Rapidian
1/11/2013 How Palm Oil Driving the Sumatran Tiger to Brink of Extinction |
1/11/2013 Greenpeace: APP making ‘encouraging’ progress on zero deforestation commitment
1/11/2013 Walmart & Tesco accused of backing ‘unsustainable’ palm oil trade
1/11/2013 Sustainable Asia Program to Increase Agriculture Production and Reduce Deforestation – Press Release – Digital Journal
1/11/2013 Ael the Orangutan Saved from Village Torment | One Green Planet

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