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Palm Oil Action Australia | April 18, 2021

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News Articles, December 2013

Palm Oil Action - Rescue

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of December 2013. Highlights include more threats to Orangutans coming out of the woodworks, the fight to setup heritage sites along with saving the people affected by palm oil plantation expansion.

30/12/2013 Day 4: Three Orangutans Return to East Kalimantan
17/12/2013 Situation critical for Sumatran orangutans | Asian Correspondent
17/12/2013 Indonesian palm oil company demolishes homes and evicts villagers in week-long raid
17/12/2013 Orangutans fight for survival as thirst for palm oil devastates rainforests | Environment | The Observer
17/12/2013 Former timber kingpin a threat to orangutans and investors | Wildlife News
17/12/2013 Environmentalists call for recognition of orangutan, rhino habitat as heritage site
17/12/2013 The trouble with palm oil – Jackson Hole News&Guide: Opinions
17/12/2013 Fragile Comeback Among Kutai Orangutan Population
17/12/2013 Get your hands off my banana! Orangutan squares up with a cheeky macaque that kept trying to steal his fruit | Mail Online
17/12/2013 Oil palm vs wildlife: Sabah has no answers | Free Malaysia Today
17/12/2013 Palm oil IPO presents environmental, financial risks
17/12/2013 Wilmar commits to zero deforestation after year of intense pressure | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific
17/12/2013 Missing the wood for the trees? How to make supply chains sustainable | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific
17/12/2013 Committed to ‘no deforestation’ | Confectionery Production
07/12/2013 World’s biggest palm oil company makes zero deforestation commitment
07/12/2013 Palm Oil Leader Wilmar Bans Deforestation in Sustainability Push – Bloomberg
07/12/2013 Saving the Orangutan from the palm oil menace – Reviews – The Ecologist
07/12/2013 Green investors urge companies to clean up palm oil industry
07/12/2013 Nestle CEO attends Consumer Goods Forum talks on deforestation at the White House – MarketWatch
07/12/2013 Dumping trans fat could do harm | Regional Voices | The Olympian
02/12/2013 Palm oil company Bumitama under fire for clearing rainforest, endangering orangutans
02/12/2013 Food-based biofuels allowance to rise by 50% under EU plans | Environment |
02/12/2013 Friends of the Earth says RSPO not improving palm oil in Indonesia : Biofuels Digest
02/12/2013 ‘No single silver bullet’ to address palm oil sustainability: experts | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific
02/12/2013 Forest people ‘disillusioned’ in battle to protect land
02/12/2013 NGO questions mapping of oil palm plantations in RI | The Jakarta Post
02/12/2013 22 Ketapang orangutans rescued in 2013 | The Jakarta Post
02/12/2013 Provident Agro to use rights issue funds for expansion | The Jakarta Post
02/12/2013 All Saints students tackle problem of palm oil and tigers
02/12/2013 Palm Oil: A Biofuel Redemption Model
02/12/2013 Sustainable palm oil must consider people too
02/12/2013 This is what ‘dirty’ palm oil looks like | Greenpeace Blogs
02/12/2013 VP ask Netherlands to resolve palm oil export problems – ANTARA News
02/12/2013 Involve NGOs in sustainable palm oil debate, MPOC told – BorneoPost Online | Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak Daily News | Largest English Daily In Borneo
02/12/2013 MKH investment in palm oil bearing fruit – Business News | The Star Online
02/12/2013 3.5 million ha of Indonesian and Malaysian forest converted for palm oil in 20 years
02/12/2013 Greenpeace photos expose palm oil giant’s deforestation in Indonesia
02/12/2013 Why did someone do this to me? Baby orangutan looks at the stumps of its missing fingers that were sliced off with a machete during forest clearances | Mail Online
02/12/2013 Critically Injured Orangutan Rescued on North Sumatra Plantation – The Jakarta Globe
02/12/2013 Positive palm oil, or the “anti-anti-palm oil” | Greenpeace East Asia
02/12/2013 Palm oil workers stage massive protest at sustainability meeting in Indonesia

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