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Palm Oil Action Australia | March 4, 2021

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December 2015 News Updates

December 2015 News Updates
  • On February 5, 2016



 And the cuteness award goes to… these Asian Small-Clawed Otters. Sociable, family oriented and playful (who hasn’t been charmed by these fellows playing and wrestling at a zoo?); you can’t help but smile at their happy antics. Yet in the wild, they are starting to feel the pinch of human activity.  Although they are found right across Asia,  in areas where they were once plentiful, they are now seldom seen. Populations are decreasing due to extirpation, the fur trade, the pet trade, habitat loss and drainage for palm oil plantations.


22/12/2015 RSPO to publish members’ plantation maps in wake of Indonesia’s forest fires Original Article Archive

17/12/2015 Starbucks’ Deforestation-Free Pledge Not Worth Beans Original Article Archive

15/12/2015 Sustainable palm-oil body slammed over slave labour auditing Original Article Archive

14/12/2015 Five European nations make sustainable palm oil pledge Original Article Archive

11/12/2015 SLPMC Struggles to Meet EU Standards to Export Palm Oil to Europe Original Article  Archive

10/12/2015 Taking responsible palm oil from aspiration to implementation Original Article Archive

10/12/2015 A Guide to Saving One of the Last Great Ecosystems Original Article Archive

10/12/2015  From the Nutella scandal to Indonesia’s forest fires: palm oil in 2015 – in pictures Original Article No Archive

9/12/2015 The Italians fighting against an ‘invasion’ of palm oil Original Article Archive

4/12/2015 Campaign Update: RSPO Failing its Mandate to Regulate Palm Oil Industry Original Article Archive

1/12/2015 Sustainable Palm Oil Certifier RSPO Exposed, Claims it will Improve Poor Oversight Original Article Archive

1/12/2015 Deforestation: Are banks still taking a big cut?Original Article Archive

1/12/2015 How palm oil cultivation in Borneo is threatening the ecosystem everywhere Original Article Archive