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Palm Oil Action Australia | March 4, 2021

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October 2016 News Updates

October 2016 News Updates
  • On February 2, 2017


A baby Sunda Pangolin. Already listed as Endangered due to hunting for the traditional medicine and restaurant trades, the Sunda Pangolin faces another threat that may well see it become extinct: habitat loss from forest clearing for palm oil plantations in S.E. Asia.
 Photo: By Zaharil Dzulkafly, used with kind permission.


28/10/2016 Palm Oil Frontiers: Lessons Learned from SE Asian Corporate Expansion to Africa Original Article Archive

28/10/2016 RSPO loses key backer in Australia: ‘We just can’t trust them anymore’ Original Article Archive

22/10/2016 Govt decision on MSPO certification by next year Original Article Archive

21/10/2016 Mah: Final decision on MSPO certification to be made next year Original Article Archive

8/10/2016 Supermarkets should sell sustainable palm oil Original Article Archive

7/10/2016 Study Challenges Assumptions on Borneo Deforestation Original Article Archive

7/10/2016 Good palm oil is possible. This is what it looks like, says Palm Done Right CEO Original Article Archive

6/10/2016 Business-as-usual management is not suitable for peatland agriculture Original Article Archive

5/10/2016 Organic Palm Oil Product Achieves Fair Trade USA Certification – Natural & Organic Original Article Archive

5/10/2016 Palm oil produced with conscience Original Article Archive

5/10/2016 Farming without destroying the land that feeds Asia- Nikkei Asian Review Original Article Archive

4/10/2016 NZ funds’ $21m ‘dodgy’ palm oil investment – Business – NZ Herald News
Original Article Archive