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Palm Oil Action Australia | September 27, 2022

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February 2017 News Updates

February 2017 News Updates
  • On July 17, 2017

Baby Sumatran Rhino. Photo by Rhett Butler, Monga Bay


27/02/2017 Survival of nearly 10,000 orangutans in Borneo oil palm estates at stake Original Article Archive

25/02/2017 MSPO certification mandatory by 2019 Original Article Archive

21/02/2017 HSBC revamps deforestation policy after Greenpeace investigation Original Article Archive

14/02/2017 Latin America palm oil production doubled since 2001 without massive uptick in deforestation Original Article Archive

11/02/2017 Cattle pastures and other degraded lands become new oil palm plantations Original Article Archive

8/02/2016 HSBC: what they’ve said about funding deforestation, and why it’s wrong Original Article  Archive

8/02/2017 Good year, bad year: 2016 was challenging for RSPO; Will it fare better in 2017? Original Article Archive

7/02/2017 Will there really be enough sustainable palm oil for the whole market? Original Article Archive

2/02/2017 The Land Grabbers Original Article Archive

1/02/2017  Palm-oil certification helps reduce fire when risk is lowOriginal Article Archive

1/02/2017 RSPO Makes Significant Progress on Palm Oil Sustainability Original Article Archive