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Palm Oil Action Australia | September 27, 2022

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January 2017 News Updates

January 2017 News Updates
  • On July 14, 2017

The face of the magnificent Wreathed Hornbill. Although not currently considered endangered, the large-scale loss of habitat on Sumatra is starting to wreak havoc on the hornbill’s lifestyle.This is becoming an increasing concern for conservationists. Dubbed “˜the farmer’s of the forests”, these fruit eating birds are known for their seed-dispersal, thus contributing to the growth and biodiversity of the rainforests; thus making them critical to the rainforest’s survival. According to one study ,palm oil and rubber plantations supported only 6 species of rainforest birds between them, the forests where they hail from had 14 species. The argument that monoculture plantations can support wildlife is often put forth by plantation holders but does not hold up considering that often only a handful of species are able to survive.

Photo by Sander van der Wel posted as Blijdorp on  under a creative commons licence



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