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Palm Oil Action Australia | January 19, 2022

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The Issue

What is the issue with Palm Oil and what are we doing about it?

The unsustainable production of palm oil has resulted in mass deforestation, social upheaval and the near extinction of several animal species. These endangered species include the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), the Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii) and the Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus).

Awareness of these impacts is slowly growing in our society, placing the Palm Oil Action Group (POAG) in the optimal position to create positive change. With heightened awareness comes greater consumer potential to demand producers no longer operate unsustainably and manufacturers no longer support unsustainable companies.

The core purpose of the Palm Oil Action Group is to spread awareness of the detrimental impacts of the unsustainable palm oil industry in South East Asia and to implement strategies to combat the issue from our unique position in Australia.

Our Objectives

  1. Palm oil to be labelled on all products sold in Australia.
  2. All palm oil imported into Australia to be certified to RSPO standards or above.
  3. Australian public to be fully aware of the impacts of unsustainable palm oil in South-east Asia and to take action in accordance with our objectives.
  4. To provide quality credible research in the field freely available to all.

Why will this Work?

Consumer action and demand has already been incredibly successful in Europe – with Asda (among others) publically pressuring their suppliers to source only Sustainable Palm Oil.

Companies need to ‘walk their talk’ in relation to sustainablility and use their corporate power to pressure their suppliers to source sustainable Palm Oil out of their products. It is not acceptable for companies to say their sustainable and stock unsustainable products.

To join our helpers list or to stay in touch with the actions please email our campaign co-ordinator.