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Palm Oil Action Australia | May 15, 2021

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News Articles, October 2012

News Articles, October 2012

News worthy articles collected by Palm Oil Action for the month of October 2012. Highlights include the true cost of palm oil demand being discovered, major brands nulling non ethical contracts, children being used to harvest palm oil and a surprise source of inspiration.

31/10/2012 UK to lead way on sustainable palm oil
29/10/2012 They’re an inspiration to a nation |
29/10/2012 Wild Zoo Halloween in final days, and the meaning of orangutan-friendly treats –
29/10/2012 They’re an inspiration to a nation |
29/10/2012 Orangutan Survives being Shot with Over 100 Pellets
29/10/2012 Icecream deal a sweet success – Yahoo!7
22/10/2012 Products with palm oil – Rock Center with Brian Williams
22/10/2012 Local stakeholders to meet US EPA officials | The Jakarta Post
21/10/2012 Philippine peace deal | Business Recorder
21/10/2012 Orangutans dying as demand for palm oil soars
21/10/2012 Demand for palm oil, used in packaged food products, leaves orangutans at risk – Rock Center with Brian Williams
21/10/2012 Almost a Quarter of Filipino Palm Oil Workers Are Children
21/10/2012 Sumatran Orangutan Rescued From Palm Oil Island | The Irrawaddy Magazine
21/10/2012 First orangutans released into Borneo wild | Perth Now
21/10/2012 Anthropologists: Only a change in strategy can save the Sumatran orangutan | The Bell Jar
21/10/2012 Palm Oil Is More Important Than Orangutans – Decline of the Empire
21/10/2012 Turning Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil Into Profits (CL, CLX, PG, UL)
21/10/2012 The Many Shades of Palm Oil
21/10/2012 U.S. officials to visit Indonesia for palm oil emissions talks
20/10/2012 CIFOR Forests News Blog – Global forest expert panel presents key findings on link between biodiversity and carbon
20/10/2012 Palm Oil Is Not Even Healthy For You | Care2 Causes
20/10/2012 We Got Mail! … About Sustainable Palm Oil?
20/10/2012 The orangutan ‘refugees’ of North Sumatra – Rock Center with Brian Williams
18/10/2012 Plucky orangutan rescued from encroaching biofuel plantations * The Register
15/10/2012 ‘Demand for green palm oil growing in India, China’ – The Hindu Business Line : Mobile Edition
15/10/2012 Palm Oil Massive Source of Carbon Dioxide |
15/10/2012 CIFOR Forests News Blog – Scaling up sustainability: time for forestry to come out of the forest
15/10/2012 Palm oil sustainability: A sensitive issue due for exponential growth
15/10/2012 By 2020, Indonesian Palm Oil Plantations Will Release More CO2 Than Canada | ThinkProgress
15/10/2012 Indonesia Begins to Take on Deforestation | Knowledge@Wharton Today
15/10/2012 – Tons of carbon emitted as palm oil demand grows
15/10/2012 Disney drops paper suppliers linked to deforestation
10/10/2012 Stanford researchers show oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo
09/10/2012 Will Walmart meet its 2015 sustainable palm oil deadline?
09/10/2012 Study bares child labor prevalent in palm oil plantations in Caraga – Bulatlat
09/10/2012 Newsinfo | INQUIRER Mobile
09/10/2012 Tribe leader opposing palm oil firm shot dead | Inquirer News
09/10/2012 Indonesian National Council on Climate Change Indonesia’s Greenhouse Gas Abatement Cost Curve
09/10/2012 Stanford: Palm Oil Demand Drives Borneo Deforestation – Menlo Park-Atherton, CA Patch
09/10/2012 The biodiversity bargain |
09/10/2012 The hidden destroyer: palm oil demand increases deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions
09/10/2012 Palm oil demand increases result in massive carbon dioxide emissions
09/10/2012 Palm Oil Seen Clearing Tropical Forest in Borneo in Yale Study – Businessweek