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Palm Oil Action Australia | January 19, 2022

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Campaign – Labelling


Write, call or email the Parliamentary Secretary for the Federal Minister for Health ‘Peter Dutton’, urging he adopt the recommendation to label palm oil contained within the recent report ‘Labelling Logic’ commissioned by the Australian government.

The Honourable Peter Dutton

MESSAGE TO Peter Dutton

The unsustainable production of palm oil in South East Asia contributes to the destruction of some of the world’s most bio-diverse rainforest, the near extinction of numerous animal species, threatens livelihoods and significantly contributes to climate change. As palm oil is high in saturated fat, it also presents a significant health risk.

The WHO and FHO recently found over-consumption of saturated fat is linked to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and obesity. Chronic diseases are the cause of approximately 59% of global deaths per year.

Consumers deserve to know if they are buying a product containing palm oil. The recent Review of Food Labeling Law and Policy entitled ‘Labeling Logic’ addressed these issues and recommends that palm oil be labeled on products sold in Australia. Could you please ensure that this recommendation is implemented as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing how soon this can become a reality.

Kind Regards