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Palm Oil Action Australia | May 21, 2022

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Social Issues


  • Local people on the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea are also affected by the palm oil industry. Millions of people in these areas rely on this industry for their livelihood. This is one reason we do not support a blanket boycott of all palm oil.
  • The development of new oil palm plantations is commonly associated with social conflict and human-rights abuses. Most of the area developed is the customary land of indigenous peoples and local communities.
  • Indonesian laws and land acquisition procedures provide these people with very little protection. In the name of the ‘national interest’, communities are being forced to give up their land against their will and without adequate compensation. Conflict between plantation companies and local communities are widespread and continue to increase.
  • Many plantations increase the oil palm yield through the heavy use of pesticides. Consequently, many river systems are polluted, leaving local communities with no fresh water for drinking or bathing. The pollution is also killing fish, an important food source for the local people.

Read The Kokoda Story- Papua New Guinea, an appeal by Benjamin Ijumi,Chief of Kokoda

Millions of people in Borneo and Sumatra rely on the palm oil industry as a source of livelihood. Boycotting palm oil is not the solution! As a relatively poor and underdeveloped country, foreign aid is crucial to assisting this indigenous population attain basic quality human services while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Please support the following foreign policy initiatives!

YOU Can Help!

Write to your Member for Parliament (MP) and let them know you want to extend funding of these initiatives. Ask them to support other initiatives, which will allow the local people to keep their forests intact and earn a living at the same time.

Don’t know how to get in touch with them? To find out who your MP is and their details go to:

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In New Zealand